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Best Apps for Accountants and CPAs

Written by on Dec 19
Apps for Accountants

This article is a collaboration between our head of support, Annette and Sarah MacLennan of Academic Knowledge.

There are so many apps that accountants could use to make their lives easier but here are a few we believe are the best apps for accountants. If you have a few you love submit them in the comments.

Apps for Accountants To Increase Productivity

Better Communication & Productivity

Jetpack workflow helps CPA’s & Bookkeepers Automate & Track Recurring Client work.

File Sharing with Clients

Dropbox is a cloud-storage device, synching up content and allowing users to share this content between different computers. Accountants might use Dropbox to send and receive documents from your clients. No more need to wait for forms to arrive in the mail or faxes that get lost in transmission. Dropbox organizes files in folders, just like on your computer desktop, so it’s much easier to organize and find things. It’s even easier than searching in email!

File Requests

A new startup sqrl just launched they say “Don’t waste 25% of your time e-mailing, calling, and following up for information.” This is an interesting accounting tool, check it out.

Password Management

If you’ve got a dozen different log-ins and passwords, how on earth do you go about remember everything? The answer is to use an encrypted password manager.

Making Notes

Accountants that love notetaking will enjoy Evernote. It’s a brilliant tool for creating documents, writing notes, recording a voice memo and even taking images. You can use it to store scanned documents like travel itineraries for instance and it can be used to share documents with work colleagues for example. CPAs or accountant might use Evernote to write a To Do list and sync it across all your devices so you’ll always remember what you need to do. You can even store PDFs of all the tax forms you regularly send to clients rather than toting around an envelope of papers.


Being a well organised accountant is a cog in a successful business and diary planning is part of this. Google Calander (part of Google Docs) is a solid and free online calendar that makes it easy to keep track of events. Use Google Calendar to create and share a calendar of deadlines to remind your clients of when things are due. You can even include notes and links to tax forms.

Super Powered Inbox

Clear your inbox. Put your email to work for you today. It’s easy. Followup.css

Video Conference with Clients

It’s hard to imagine a world before Skype such has the service become a key part of modern day business. When you can’t meet with a business owner client in person, video chatting is the next best thing. Use Skype to video chat with your accounting clients that can’t make it to your firm’s office. Maybe you’ll think twice about just taking on local clients when Skype will allow you that important face-to-face time that helps build relationships, even with clients across the country.

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