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MSNBC's Your Business

NBCnews.com - Jan 10, 2014

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Guess What? My Product Is Better Than Yours!

Forbes.com - September 10, 2013

It’s a different approach but it works because LessAccounting has positioned itself as the scrappy underdog that has built “simple accounting software for awesome businesses.”

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The Gently Mad - August 22, 2013

Allan and Steve are the creators of Less Accounting. They talked with Adam in hilarious fashion about marketing, clients, growing a product company and, incidentally, Allan’s origin at the dawn of time.

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Episode EP40: Allan Branch on Leaving LessConf to focus on his product

Product People - August 21, 2013

If you’ve dreamed about building your own product, you’re in the right place. This week the hilarious, talented, and honest Allan Branch joins us to talk about why he’s leaving LessConf behind to focus on LessAccounting.

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The Freelancers’ Show 070 – LessAccounting with Steven Bristol

The Freelancers’ Show - July 18, 2013

Steven talks about being a programmer, accounting, etc.

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Rubyology EP99: Steven Bristol (madison rubyconf)

Rubyology Podcast - November 08, 2012

Steven is a real cool and accomplished guy but don't tell him that because it will go to his head :)

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Chat Session: Allan Branch

unmatchedstyle TV

"Talking with Allan Branch of LessAccounting, LessEverything, LessConf, LessFilms..."

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LessAccounting Claims They Turned Down Acquisition Offer From “Low Moral Fiber” GoDaddy

Techcrunch - July 20th, 2012

"On Wednesday, I reported that GoDaddy acquired cloud-based financial management application company Outright, with all 24 employees joining GoDaddy. Now, web and mobile app developer LessEverthing tells me they turned down an offer from GoDaddy in 2009."

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Good Customer Support & Advertising with Allan Branch of Less Accounting!

Webpulp TV

"Josh talks with Allan Branch, a Co-Founder of Less Everything. They discuss the pro's and con's of different methods of advertising, testing applications, and how to maintain good customer support."

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Podcast 11 – Build web apps by doing less (with Allan Branch)

Inform.ly Podcast - November 08, 2012

"Allan Branch is the co-founder of $1m+ web application business Less Everything. I chatted to him today about business, partnerships, accounting, conferences and how to market a successful web app by doing less."

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Allan Branch on Building LessAccounting

WeloraStudios.com - 07/30/12

"This month our newsletter interview is with Allan Branch of Less Everything. We learn about his experience, building a software company from scratch, and launching one of the most popular accounting apps we know today. Allan is a nonconventional entrepreneur, and this interview will not only put a smile on your face, but may help you find some of the answers you are looking for!"

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Keeping Your Books In Check With LessAccounting

appstorm.net - 01/26/12

"I’m extremely impressed with LessAccounting and I can see that it would work wonders for many types of business, no matter what they do. … The sheer range of features yet simplistic interface make this one of the best web-based accounting systems out there for US-based small businesses and who knows, it might even make accounting fun!"

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LessAccounting is a good alternative to QuickBooks

brighthub.com - 07/05/11

"Less Accounting is an excellent application for budding freelancers and home based business owners. The user-friendly design gives beginners the necessary tools to effectively manage the core financial aspects of their business. Valuable reports divided into categories such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general accounting produce the records required for reference during tax season. Having an application like Less Accounting can be extremely beneficial. If you employ a CPA the invite feature allows you to save time and money by simply exporting or giving them access to view your information whenever needed."

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Overview of LessAccounting

CPAPracticeAdvisor.com - 05/09/11

"LessAccounting has emerged as a favorite in this new field of simplified small business management. The product offers an easy to understand browser-based management with a clean user interface."

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Allan Branch Wants To See Less Accounting, More Pooping Squirrels

BestReviews.net - 2012? @lessallan any idea when this is from?

"It doesn’t happen very often that we email with someone who makes us want to say almost spontaneaously, “I would so want to work with you!”, but Allan Branch from LessAccounting definitely is one of those very few. If you’ve already been looking at a few cool web-based accounting tools, then LessAccounting is most likely the one that immediately caught your attention when you read its slogan, “All small business accounting software sucks, we just suck the least.” Really, who can say no to a slogan like that?"

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Episode #73 – Less Everything with Steven Bristol

Agile Weekly Podcast - August 9, 2012

"Clayton Lengel-Zigich and Steven Bristol discuss: programming, startups, agile and being lean."

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How The Artsy Fartsy Entrepreneur Behind LessAccounting Is Taking On QuickBooks With Less – with Allan Branch

Mixergy - Where Ambitious Upstarts Mix!

"When I complained on Twitter that I was having trouble with QuickBooks, about a dozen people instantly told me to check out LessAccounting. I did. That’s when I decided that I had to interview Allan Branch, the entrepreneur who created it. I wanted to find out how he built the uncluttered bookkeeping app that has so many fans."

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Allan Branch and Steven Bristol / Less Everything

Founders Talk by 5by5

"Adam Stacoviak talks with Allan Branch and Steven Bristol, Founders of Less Everything about how things got started, why they hate QuickBooks, what it takes to create a successful partnership and more.""

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MacWorld Review of LessAccounting


"LessAccounting is one of the best Web-based business accounting packages that I’ve had the pleasure to use, and the first and only Web-based accounting and invoicing application that I’d consider as an alternative to the desktop accounting app I’ve used for the past five years. Why? LessAccounting is the only Web-based application that offers a complete set of accounting tools and the basic set of features necessary to run a small business."

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Featured Entrepreneur: Allan Branch of LessAccounting

Grasshopper.com Blog

"We believe business software should easy. It should get out of your way, allowing you to get back to work and make money. Being a business owner is hard enough without having your software make it harder."

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Episode 0.0.6 - Steven Bristol from LessEverything

The ChangeLog - Dec 15, 2009

"In this episode, Adam, Wynn, and Steven Bristol discuss Erlang, Javascript on the server, Lighthouse, Docsplit, Rackamole/whackamole, unfollowing under-performing Twitter peeps, and suing domain squatters."

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Harnessing the Power of Hate

Get Satisfaction - June 10, 2008:

"LessAccounting, a company that offers a dead-simple accounting Web application, has created a mini-site that simply consists of a stream of Twitter tweets about QuickBooks...Those disaffected [QuickbBooks] customers are exactly the type of people LessAccounting wants to appeal to, and I applaud their approach. It’s scrappy and smart and, well, even a little bit fun."

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LessAccounting Web Based Small Biz Accounting

About.com - April 23, 2008:

"You will not get features like an integrated CRM or calendar, but if you don't need that stuff, $20 a month buys a subscription with unlimited entries, the ability to send, track and manage online invoicing, SSL encryption and other data security measures."

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20 Top Business Tools

MacUser.co.uk - January 18, 2008:

"This online application does much more than just creating invoices, though. It tracks suppliers and expenses, such as mileage, and from that information you can create reports, from outstanding creditors and debtors to a full profit and loss account. Any online accounting application means you don't have full control of your data, but at least reports can be exported to Excel-readable CSV format."

Less (Accounting) is More

Killer Startups - May 1, 2007:

"LessAccounting doesn´t reek of PeachTree or QuickBooks, it´s a service that lets you simply manage your funds, saving you time and money on your taxes."

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LessAccounting, more fun

Download Squad - April 8, 2007:

"The whole goal behind LessAccounting is to make bookkeeping as simple and easy as possible. The team behind LessAccounting, Less Everything, believes that users will never again use QuickBooks. In fact, they're so bullish, they see themselves changing the accounting landscape as much as 37Signals changed project management with Basecamp."

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