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Boyette and Casey Hardware, Panama City, Florida

Written by on Aug 14

Meet Boyette & Casey Hardware in Panama City Florida.

Since 1958 Boyette & Casey Hardware has been serving their surrounding community. My Grandfather shopped there, my Dad and I still do. They still have old fashion traditions, my Dad’s business has a “tab,” or “charge account” there. They’ll greet me by name or recognize my last name on my credit card and ask about my family.

Boyette & Casey Hardware competes with Lowe’s and Home Depot, but they’re not on the same playing field. Boyette & Casey Hardware has a knowledgable staff, who will spend as much time as it takes helping you find the right $2 bolt or fastener for a project. I go to Boyette & Casey Hardware to get advice on projects, it’s actually where I get my lamp sockets and plugs. Unlike a big box hardware stores you can also get in and out of Boyette & Casey in less than five minutes if you need to. Everytime I leave Boyette & Casey Hardware I’m smiling because I know this hardware store is a special place, it’s a true hidden gem.

Seeing “non-tech businesses” like this is refreshing. They don’t talk about scaling to millions of customers. They don’t try to change the world. They carve out their spot and help their customers. These businesses, while not worth billions of dollars, can have longevity and build a legacy.

"We've been here since 1958 and hope to be here another 100 years" said Lee Casey.

Boyette & Casey Hardware’s legacy lives on in the 4th generation who are now helping with the store.

This video was shot by Eric of LessFilms.

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