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The Last Real Arcade In America, The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas

Written by on Aug 7

We love showcasing small businesses doing amazing things! Meet The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

When our LessFilms video team travels around for projects, they look for interesting businesses to showcase. On a recent trip to Las Vegas they filmed The Pinball Hall of Fame. The story of The Pinball Hall of Fame centers around a man and his love affair with pinball machines.

Ever since Tim Arnold was a kid all he wanted to do was play pinball. In fact, pinball was the reason Tim flunked out of college. It was in college when Tim scrapped together $100 and bought his first pinball machine. This first pinball machine started a snowball effect. Over the next few decades Tim would place machines in a gas stations and pizza parlors for the patrons to use. Then he’d split the revenue with the business owner and use any money he made to buy more machines. Soon Tim had hundreds of pinball machines, filling a small warehouse he built in his backyard.

Pinball Hall of Fame started small and casual

Tim wanted to share the joy pinball gave him, so he created “Fun Night”. Once a month he’d invited friends over to play pinball and ask for donations to a chosen local charity. Eventually these Fun Nights grew so large that the fire marshal had to shut it down. Instead of completely stopping the Fun Nights, they relocated to a building that’s located about 2 miles off of the strip. Fun Night changed from a once a month happening to a daily open museum that last year they gave half a million dollars to local social service charities. That’s about 80 cents on the dollar.

"All we want to do is just do fund raisers to help the community and our fund raisers happen to be a whole bunch of little things at a quarter a game." said Tim Arnold

Fun Nights live on & Tim’s passion for pinball lives on in The Pinball Hall Of Fame.

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The Last Real Arcade In America

Written by Allan Branch

The story of The Pinball Hall of Fame centers around a man and his love affair with pinball machines.