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A Big Announcement from LessAccounting

Written by on Jun 6

LessAccounting, now under new management.

why customers arent paying

Why Are Your Clients Paying Late - Understanding How To Get Paid

Written by on Nov 4

If you want your customers to pay their invoices on time, you need to understand the obstacles to timely payments. Understand why your clients are paying late.

Learn why customers pay late, and what to do about it!
creative marketing

Net 30 vs Net 90 - The Best Way To Get Your Business Paid

Written by on Oct 19

Managing your invoice terms is an important piece of managing cash flow. The difference between Net 30 and Net 90 can make or break your business. Learn more.

Learn the best way to get paid.

Why you should consider outsourcing bookkeeping services

Written by on Sep 10

You can save yourself a lot of time and stress by outsourcing your bookkeeping, so that you can focus on running your business.

Why you should consider outsourcing bookkeeping services
home office tax deduction

Home Office Tax Deduction Explained

Written by on Jan 9

Easy to understand small business tax tip on home office deductions. Home office deductions can be tricky. Our tax tip will help you navigate deductions around tax time. Be safe, IRS audits aren't fun.

Understand the home office deduction like a wizard!
small business tax tips

Small Business Tax Tips... What you can and cannot deduct.

Written by on Jan 6

Read our simple small business tax tips on deductions. Deductions can be tricky, learn more. Our tax tips will help you navigate deductions around tax time.

Small Business Tax Tips!
bookkeeping tasks

Make Bookkeeping Tasks Easier with a Schedule

Written by on Sep 11

What tasks does a bookkeeper do for a small business? Bookkeeping shouldn't be scary, if broken down into bi-monthly bookkeeping tasks it's simple! If you keep up to date with your bookkeeping the data will help you steer your business.

Bookkeeping can be easy with a schedule!
1099 vs W2

1099 vs W2, does your small business have employees or contractors?

Written by on Aug 20

As a small business owner knowing the difference between a w9 employee vs a 1099 contractor is very important. It's a mistake that could cost you thousands or tens of thousands of IRS fines. Be careful, there are special rules for 1099 contractors.

Do you have W2 Employees or 1099 Contractors?
missed tax deductions

5 often missed tax deductions for small businesses

Written by on Jul 21

If you have missed tax deductions, you're paying taxes that you don't need to. Here are often missed tax deductions for small businesses and freelancers.

Read these money saving tips.
Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Easy Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Written by on Apr 6

For new small business owners accounting is scary, but do not fear...these simple accounting tips will ensure your bookkeeping success! Now you just need to worry about marketing, sales, legal and doing the work. Yikes!

These accounting tips save time!
breakeven analysis

Growing Your Business with the Breakeven Analysis

Written by on Feb 6

Here's another way of looking at your cash flow and growth. Sometimes it takes just a spark to make a change in your business. Maybe this article is your spark.

Read on for some tips.
bookkeeping basics

Bookkeeping Basics for a Growing Business

Written by on Jan 16

Proper bookkeeping is a very simple, and easily avoidable, reason why some seemingly good businesses take a turn for the worse. It all starts with bookkeeping basics.

Read on for some tips.
billable hours

Track Billable Hours with These Tips

Written by on Nov 26

Tracking billable hours can be a pain. No matter if you're a lawyer or graphic designer, tracking the hours you spend on client work is vital to your profitability.

Easy tips that make a difference.
bookkeeping help

Get Bookkeeping Help with LessAccounting

Written by on Nov 7

Your business could probably use bookkeeping help. Maybe you're overcomplicating your bookkeeping, maybe you need someone to handle some easy bookkeeping tasks. This article outlines various helpful bookkeeping tasks.

Maybe you need bookkeeping help?
Year End Tax Planning

Year End Tax Planning, Start Planning Now!

Written by on Oct 7

Start planning now for next year's taxes. A few quick and easy tips on minifying the pain of taxes. These tips could save you a ton of pain & stress. Year end tax planning starts now!

What is Year End Tax Planning?
easy estimated taxes 2013

Easy Estimated Taxes for 2013

Written by on Sep 12

The good news is estimated taxes can be made easy. Estimated taxes can be made simple, here's a quick guide to easy estimated taxes.

Read on for some tips.
CPA vs Accountant

CPA VS Accountant...Why Hire a CPA?

Written by on Jun 11

CPA vs Accountant...what's the difference? Why hire a CPA? Here are some reasons to hire a licensed active CPA to do your tax preparation. Be an informed consumer.

What's the difference between a CPA an accountant?