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The End of Overdue Invoices - Are you using these two methods?

Written by on Apr 15

Learn how Julie teaches her clients to end the overdue invoice blues. Remember cash flow is king and overdue invoices will kill your business.

Let's solve this unpaid invoice issue.
get better credit

7 Ways To Get Better Credit

Written by on Apr 11

There's alot of bad advice out there about getting a better and higher credit score. This advice below came from testing personal effects on my credit score.

You can have a better credit score.
what affects credit score

What Really Affects Your Credit Score?

Written by on Mar 14

FICO Credit Scores can be a mystery, here's some clarity to the confusion.

Learn how your actions affect credit score.
end of year tax planning

The Basics of Credit and FICO Score

Written by on Feb 29

Here's some basic things every adult should know about credit and their fico score. It's really simple to understand, take a gander...

Here's why you should care about credit.
end of year tax planning

End of Year Tax Planning

Written by on Dec 7

Start talking now to your CPA and make sure you have no surprise tax bills in April.

No more surprise tax bills in April.
client referrals

Client Gifts - What should you buy them?

Written by on Dec 2

Getting client leads is a big part of running a company. Your current clients are a great way to generate new sales leads by asking for referrals.

Keep clients happy around the holidays
client referrals

Why and How To Get Client Referrals

Written by on Oct 29

Getting client leads is a big part of running a company. Your current clients are a great way to generate new sales leads by asking for referrals.

Client Referrals Can Make You Money, Here's How.
Business Owner's Toolkit

Business Owner's Toolkit

Written by on May 19

What web apps do you use to run your business? Here's what we use to run our company, we call it the Business Owner's Toolkit.

See Our Business Owner's Toolkit
marketing automation best practices

Marketing Automation Best Practices Can Be Easy

Written by on May 5

There are some simple things you can do to put marketing best practices in action for your small business.

Make marketing more automated, here's how.
creative marketing

Business Partner Wanted - How I Found My Business Partner

Written by on Apr 20

You're a business owner and you're wanting a business partner. How do you know when you've found the right one?

Seeking a business partner.
difficult client

What makes a client difficult to deal with?

Written by on Jan 21

What takes a seemingly nice person and make them into a difficult client? Here are the things to look out for and how to fix them.

How nice people turn into difficult clients?
cashflow hacks

Three Cashflow Hacks To Improve Your Business

Written by on Jan 7

There are simple tweaks you can do in your weekly workflow that will save you many cashflow headaches.

Stop yourself from making simple mistakes.
gift marketing

Our New Hire Checklist Makes Employee Onboarding Paperwork Easier

Written by on Dec 22

Hiring a new employee shouldn't be so confusing. Here's the paperwork needed to get them working for your company.

Make onboarding new employees less confusing.
gift marketing

What Is Gift Marketing?

Written by on Dec 19

There are more marketing options than buying banner ads, here's a marketing tactic called "gift marketing".

Maybe gift marketing will work for you.
building a company

Have Fun, Learn Something New, It Starts With Play

Written by on Oct 2

Starting anything means being playful. The journal to being world-class means being curious.

Be playful & learn.
priming customers

Priming a Possible Buyer

Written by on Sep 18

We want to make sure our customers know our value, here's how we're making sure they get it.

Here's an idea we're testing.
fincial personal and business

How To Track Personal & Business Finances In One Spreadsheet

Written by on Sep 15

I’ve been running a small business for six years and I’ve finally settled on a simple way to answer these key questions... Are we making money? And if so, how much?

Why do I see my total financial overview?
entrepreneur parents

Employment Handbooks, why does your small business need one?

Written by on Aug 8

When do you need to write an employee handbook? When do you need to protect yourself against

Why do you need an employment handbook?
choosing fonts

Choosing Fonts, Designing Web Text for Beginners

Written by on Jul 11

How do you choose a font? How do you make a website more easily read? Read our simple tips on improving font choices and styles.

Learn about readability on the web.
business momentum

What Are Your Business Problems?

Written by on Jun 2

What issues does your business have? Share with us some issues and let's start a discussion.

Tell us your business problems.
business momentum

Small Decisions Create Business Momentum

Written by on Apr 28

Here's how we take a big business decision and make it easier to understand and take action upon.

Make a big decision easier with these steps.
finding guest blog posts

Easy Traffic by Showing Love

Written by on Apr 24

Here's one technique to get easy traffic to your product. It takes a little organization but will yield results.

Get links, build traffic, follow these steps.
non-disparagement clause

How Much of Your Day is Spent Trying to Get "Better" Clients?

Written by on Apr 22

We're tricked into thinking we must get "work done," but we should be spending our time getting "better clients."

Start by figuring out what a better client is...
strategic decisions

Looking for Easy Wins in Strategic Business Decisions

Written by on Mar 3

Our successful company is the sum of 10,000 easy wins. An "easy win" is how we make strategic decisions. Learn how we find the decision with the smallest loss result.

How we make decisions.
kinhr craig bryant

Hire. Fail. Learn. Hire.

Written by on Dec 4

Read Craig's guest post telling their seven-year journey of bootstrapping a company to seventeen employees and two SaaS products in Chicago.

Here is Craig's story.
onboarding mistakes

Our Customer Onboarding Mistakes by Samuel Hulick

Written by on Nov 20

Samuel Hulick breaks down the mistakes of our onboarding experience in LessAccounting. Samuel gives us the play-by-play thoughts of a new user signing up for our software.

Learn from our onboarding mistakes.
lawyer small business

Common Tasks for a Small Business Lawyer

Written by on Nov 15

How can a lawyer protect your business? Here are many common places an attorney can help your business stay protected.

As a small business, are you legally protected?
hire designer dribbble

How to Find & Hire a Designer from Dribbble

Written by on Nov 14

Finding and hiring a designer is tough. Using you can find several designers available to work in your price range using these easy tips. Make it easy to find a great designer in your budget.

Find your next designer on, here's how.
paypal customer support

PayPal Customer Service is Painful, WePay is THE PayPal Alternative

Written by on Oct 30

Our newest integration partner, WePay, is a Paypal alternative. WePay is known for their ease of use and great customers service. We're excited to have them helping our customers get paid faster.

Learn about our integration with WePay.
grow freelance business

Should You Grow Your Freelance Business & Start Hiring Employees?

Written by on Oct 7

When should you grow your freelance business? Maybe you should stay a freelance and not worry about growing. Here are many pros and cons to becoming a boss.

Learn the pros and cons of having a freelance business.
business writing processes

How I Write an Article, Going from Idea to Rough Draft

Written by on Sep 26

Writing articles is not easy for me, but I've found an accidential writing process that helps me. I'm not a writer, but I write.

Read about my accidential writing process.
blog editing

From Rough Draft to Published Article, Our Editing Process.

Written by on Sep 25

Taking an idea and making it into a rough draft is easy, but getting the article published and live is tough for many reasons. Here's how we take a rough draft article and get it published.

Learn about our editing process.
content development

SEO + Content Development, Simplified. The 3 Types of Articles We Write.

Written by on Sep 24

SEO and content development is not a mystery. Here's 3 types of articles we write. Learn some of our secrets to getting traffic via blogging and search engines.

Learn what types of articles we write.
best software for freelancers

Best Software for Freelancers

Written by on Sep 19

The best software for freelancers are tools that save you time and frustration. Here's some new, affordable apps that'll help your freelance business.

New software that'll help your freelancer career.
going out of business

You're Going Out of Business, You Just Don't Realize It

Written by on Sep 18

What does a web consultancy look like when it's going out of business? Here's our warning about business.

See a common reason web businesses fail.
how we hire a developer

How We Hire a Developer

Written by on Aug 29

The interview process of hiring a developer is tough and hiring the wrong developer can cost you thousands of dollars. Here's how we hire our developers.

Read our method for hiring a developer.
customer advocate

How we hired our first customer advocate

Written by on Aug 9

No one showed us how to hire a customer support advocate. Learn from our successful hiring experiment for your first customer advocate or tech support position in your small business.

Learn how to hire the right person.
save money on travel

Summer Vacations - How to Save $$$ on Travel

Written by on Jul 18

As an owner of a small business, you need to take time off for yourself. This job is stressful. Here are money saving tips for your next summer vacation.

Read these money saving tips.
building brand loyalty

An Example of Brand Personality

Written by on Jul 17

For bootstrappers building brand loyalty cannot be done by spending money on traditional advertising. Instead focus on introducing yourself to your customer, providing a great product and acting like a friend.

Appsignal is my friend. Read on.
Unique Value Proposition

What is Unique Value Proposition for a freelancer?

Written by on Jul 9

Discovering your Unique Value Proposition will make you more money. What is Unique Value Proposition? How do find it? Why is it important?

Make More Money, here's How...
Service-Oriented Architecture SOA

Service-Oriented Architecture SOA done right

Written by on Jun 24

Service-Oriented Architecture SOA feels like an old friend, but it's not. Read on to learn how flawed SOA is from it's core.

View full article.
cash flow problems

Cash Flow Problems Are Avoidable, Here's How To Avoid and Predict Them.

Written by on Jun 4

Business owners, cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Cash flow problems will break your business, and adding stress to your life. Avoid these's how!

Avoid Cash Flow Problems with These Tips.
quickbooks help

Quickbooks is the old standard

Written by on May 28

Accounting software shouldn't cause pain or frustration. Quickbooks error, bad tech support and an application that suits the needs of any small business.

Frustrated with Quickbooks?

When Business Credit Cards Make Sense

Written by on Mar 14

If you’re self-employed or run a small business on the side, one of the most dreadful tasks at tax time can be sorting through your personal and professional expenses. Should you be using the same credit card for both? Or is it time to get a card which will be used exclusively for your business?

Read on to find out.

How Afraid Should You Be of the Fiscal Cliff?

Written by on Dec 4

Everywhere you look, you find someone talking about the impending doom of “taxmageddon” a k a The Fiscal Cliff. Guest blogger Eric Butts, CPA, explains what to expect and what you can do to prepare.

Read on.
facing my fears

Choosing Your Clients

Written by on Oct 6

Barrett Young is a CPA and a member of the THRIVEal CPA Network, and enjoys reading and playing guitar. He lives in La Plata, Maryland, with his wife and two toddlers, and they've been debt-free since November 2011. His favorite beer is Guinness, but he's always looking to try any dark microbrew.

Read on for some tips.
facing my fears

Business Planning Really Does Help

Written by on Sep 6

What is a business plan and why do you need it? What does a business plan actually do? How to write a business plan?

Read more about business planning.