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What exactly is bookkeeping?

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eCommerce Accounting Software Made Easy

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Zak is founded an organic baby snack company based in Peterborough New Hampshire.

Meet Zak, an e-commerce owner.

eCommerce Accounting Software

Zak says... Our team has been using LessAccounting since founding Little Duck Organics, and can't imagine a better accounting solution. The interface is slick and intuitive, and the features make it very easy for us to keep up with the normally mundane task of bookkeeping. Additionally, the support team has been super helpful whenever questions need to be answered. Overall, it's the perfect accounting solution for a growing company like ours.

How To Save Time With Bookkeeping

  • Set up your books by adding your bank account(s) to import your expenses and deposits nightly. Also set up your business credit cards as bank accounts as well.
    bookkeeping time: 5-20 minutes
  • Sell your products online.
  • Nightly: We'll import your deposits and expenses from your bank. No need to integrate your shopping cart into LessAccounting.
    bookkeeping time: 0 minutes
  • Your CPA or accountant can advise you on sales tax laws in your area.
    bookkeeping time: 0 minutes
  • Paying yourself, and pay 1099 contractors and/or employees.. We recommend SurePayroll.com to handle payroll. Wages and contract expenses in LessAccounting are just expenses categorized to either "contractor labor" or "wages".
    bookkeeping time: 2-10 minutes
  • Monthly task: mark your expenses to expense categories. Check to make sure all your invoices are paid, notify late clients.
    bookkeeping time: 5-15 minutes
  • Invite your CPA or Accountant to LessAccounting as a trusted member. Now they can download all the data they need to prepare your taxes. Don't have a CPA or Accountant? Just ask us, we know a bunch of awesome ones!
    bookkeeping time: 2 minutes
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