Common Invoice Format & Layout Mistakes

Avoid simple mistakes in your invoice format.

Always double check your client information before sending an invoice to them. Silly mistakes make you look like a sloppy business owner.
Although invoices don't typically contain notes, we like to add one that summarizes the project and reminds the client of upcoming costs and line items.
The invoiced items area is the section of the invoice where you mention the services rendered or products delivered. You should consider using our accounting software features many time saving workflows. for LessAccounting.
Client communication is about setting an expectation of what both parties will be doing. With that in mind be sure to include when you expect to be paid. Most people are Net 30, and in the past we've advised businesses to take a deposit before starting work.
Invoice Reference #43
Steven Bristol
8234 St. Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 23432
Cell: 512-667-3322


The parts were requested over the phone by Ms. Nordness on Sept 22. The order was delivered on November 28 and Ms. Nordness signed for the order.

Invoiced Items

These items are from our Spring 2014 collection found online at

342 Copper Lamps Series 2555 $232 per unit

  • Copper Base
  • Clearcoated frame and screws
  • Black cords with clear plastic plugs
  • 24 month warranty on all parts

Black Lamp Shades Barrel Shaped $55 per shade

These handmade shades are barrel shaped and black thread was used in the edges.

Payment Terms

Payment is due by Dec 12, 2014. We prefer check, please see below address.

Anna Nordness
2900 Dublin Drive
Helena Alabama, 35080
Cell: 512-617-3333

Proper Invoice Formatting and Content

You should follow a standard invoice design and information layout to help clients doing their bookkeeping. Why do most receipts have a similar layout? Because of simplicity and ease of use.

Double Checking Invoice

In years past we'd have at least one person check an invoice before we'd send it. Sure it took longer to process invoices but having someone making sure the invoice creator didn't make a silly mistake would save us money and reputation.

Hire an editor to proofread proposals and invoices to ensure your grammar is above a second grade level. And have your business partner check behind the editor to ensure the business facts and pricing are correct on the invoice.

Our Invoicing Tips

Common Invoice Layouts

  • Client Address, Phone, Email
  • Your company address, phone and email.
  • Invoice Reference number
  • Invoice Line Items, Price, Description
  • Payment terms and payment method. Try Stripe for client payments.
LessAccounting is built for your small-businesses that send invoices like yours. Our simple invoicing workflows help you get paid faster and stay organized.