How to Make a Receipt from a Template

Give a customer a receipt, here's a template.

Tips for Client Receipts

Most times when you receive a client payment you'll give the customer a receipt.

Your receipt is required to list some essential data. Be sure to include your business address, name and contact information, the payment terms, date of purchase and what item/service was sold.

Common Receipt Mistakes

  • The invoice has the wrong information.
  • No payment due date listed
  • No mention of the deliverables.
  • No payment amount.
  • Simple typos and bad grammar.

Client Receipt Template

It seems silly but you must remember to should double check the customer information. Nothing is more embarrassing than giving a customer an incorrect receipt.
An receipt note is a nice detail that gives the customer additional information about the order or services rendered.
The line items area of your receipt will list any products sold or services rendered. Of course, our accounting software features many time saving workflows. for LessAccounting.
This section outlines how you were paid, visa, cash etc. Make sure you reference an invoice and proposal number as well.
Receipt #00232 (ASAP Payment)
Alabama Tooth Fairies
2900 Dublin Drive
Birmingham Alabama, 35080
Cell: 532-617-3333

Receipt Note

The parts were requested over the phone by Ms. Nordness on Sept 22. The order was delivered on November 28 and Ms. Nordness signed for the order.

Invoiced Items

These items are from our Spring 2014 collection found online at

342 Copper Lamps Series 2555 $232 per unit

  • Copper Base
  • Clearcoated frame and screws
  • Black cords with clear plastic plugs
  • 24 month warranty on all parts

Payment Terms

Payment is due by Dec 12, 2014. We perfer check, please see below address.

Creating a Receipt

We make accounting software that handles invoicing, proposals and receipts. We'd love for you to use our software. But the truth is there are many ways to make a receipt for your customer. Many people use Microsoft Word & Google Documents.

We're business owners and we recommend finding a workflow for bookkeeping that helps free up your time. Time is your most precious resource.

Business Tips

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