Not pictured are four of our team members, Alison, Danny, Dejan and Eugen. :(

Six years ago, Steve and I had an idea. It was "simple" to build accounting software we'd use. Since then we've fallen in love with helping our friends by building an application they love.

Over the course of these 1800+ days Steve and I have figured out what we deem as "success".

Success to us is a balance.

  • It's seeing our company reach more people.
  • It's spending ample time with our families.
  • It's having time to improve ourselves.
  • It's being in the moment.
  • It's helping our friends.
  • It's laughing everyday with our team.

We're a ragtag group of people that don't fit in anywhere else. We want to build a product that helps business owners get back to work without he headache of bookkeeping. We want our customers to focus their energy and time on their product or service.

Not everyday is perfect, not every moment is stressless. But we're here & we'll be here in 10 years.

the founders of LessAccounting
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