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What exactly is bookkeeping?

In 5 minutes learn what bookkeeping means for service based businesses.

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Accounting for Photographers Made Easy

It's not scary, don't worry.

Chad is a photographer based in Austin Texas.

Meet Chad, a photographer.

Accounting for Photographers

Chad says... To say I'm not a numbers person is an understatement. Numbers are my Kryptonite. And yet, LessAccounting makes it so simple, not only do I keep up with my billing, expenses and mileage, I actually enjoy doing it. If numbers are my Kryptonite, LessAccounting is the sun that gives me my super powers. Without it, I'd be lost and my business would sink under the weight of bad accounting.

Chad has been loving this app for over 2 years.

How To Save Time With Bookkeeping

  • Set up your books by adding your bank account(s) to import your expenses and deposits nightly. Also set up your business credit cards as bank accounts as well.
    bookkeeping time: 5-20 minutes
  • Book a photo session with a client.
  • Send an invoice for a deposit to the client. Mark the invoice with project tags and income types. (optional: accept a payment via Paypal)
    bookkeeping time: 2 minutes
  • Shoot a session with a client
  • Send an invoice for a final payment.
    bookkeeping time: 1 minute
  • Weekly task: mark your deposits to invoices, marking them as paid. Those invoices that are unpaid, resend, or follow up with a phone call to those clients.
    bookkeeping time: 2-10 minutes
  • Paying yourself, and pay 1099 contractors and/or employees.. We recommend SurePayroll.com to handle payroll. Wages and contract expenses in LessAccounting are just expenses categorized to either "contractor labor" or "wages".
    bookkeeping time: 2-10 minutes
  • Monthly task: mark your expenses to expense categories. Check to make sure all your invoices are paid, notify late clients.
    bookkeeping time: 5-15 minutes
  • Invite your CPA or Accountant to LessAccounting as a trusted member. Now they can download all the data they need to prepare your taxes. Don't have a CPA or Accountant? Just ask us, we know a bunch of awesome ones!
    bookkeeping time: 2 minutes
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