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All small business accounting software sucks, we just suck the least.

Quickly Send Invoices. Categorize Expenses. View Simple Reports. Get Back To Work.

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We provide simple accounting workflows to help speed up your bookkeeping tasks.

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Our goal is to save you 2 hours per week. That means if your time is worth more than $4 an hour our software pays for itself.
Meet Annette, head of support, she loves horror movies, Star Wars and Taco Bell...oh and helping our new friends.

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I’m an accountant, but you don’t need my degrees to understand the benefits of LessAccounting. You get the information you need to manage your finances without the unnecessary clutter.
Michael Carney of MWC Accounting
We import bank & credit card data from thousands of sources
Quickly send invoices and proposals. Track expenses per project or revenue stream. View simple reports and get back to work. Start Now: 5 Minute Setup

Leaving Quickbooks?

Escaping the tyranny of Quickbooks? Our simple features will make you smile.

Invite Your Accountant

Just invite your CPA or accountant as a member, they'll love us!

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Our support team are experienced bookkeepers ready to help.

No More Data Entry!

We connect to thousands of banks and can download your daily transactions.

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Let our robots categorize some of your expenses!
Save time
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