non-disparagement clause

Hiring Writers? Consider These Legal Issues.

Written by on Apr 14

As a business owner I hate thinking about legal stuff and contracts, but when you're hiring a writer you must consider legal ramifications.

When hiring a writer consider these things...
non-disparagement clause

Non-Disparagement Clauses in Service Contracts Could Stop Negative Online Reviews!

Written by on Apr 1

With the non-disparagement clause you could prevent crazy customers from hurting your online reputation.

The non-disparagement clause might save your business.
interior design contracts

Interior Design Contracts Shouldn't Be Confusing

Written by on Mar 24

Interior design contracts can be made easy to understand. A good contract will protect you from possible situations through communicating in advance how a situation will be handled.

Interior designers, read this.
subcontractor agreements

Subcontractor Agreements, an Easy Explanation

Written by on Mar 14

Do you work with subcontractors? Do you use a proper subcontractor agreement that protects you from their mistakes? Read this easy explanation and understand your small business better.

Did your employee sign an agreement?
employee agreements

Understanding Employee Agreements

Written by on Mar 12

An employee agreement puts in writing what you expect from your employee, what to keep confidential and who owns the work they produce.

Did your employee sign an agreement?
hire small business attorney

How to Hire a Small Business Attorney

Written by on Nov 6

How do you find and interview a small business attorney? What do you ask them? What are common issues you might have with them?

Learn how to hire an attorney.