Invoicing & Sales

Hiring A Collection Agency

Hiring a Collection Agency for Unpaid Invoices

Written by on Mar 5

Late invoices can kill your business, but when do you hire a collection agency? When do you send a demand for payment letter?

When is it time to hire a collection agency?
invoicing simple

Make Invoicing Simple with InvoiceSherpa

Written by on Feb 18

If you're struggling to remind customers to pay invoices, then InvoiceSherpa is the app for you. Of course it integrates with your favorite accounting software,

Invoicing can be simple, read on.
Demand For Payment Letter

Writing a Demand For Payment Letter to Collect on Past Due Invoices

Written by on Dec 9

Once your clients are late on their invoices, each day you wait to demand payment will make getting paid harder. Here's how to write a simple demand for payment letter.

Get paid with a demand for payment letter.
service contracts

Understanding Service Contract Legal Jargon

Written by on Nov 4

Service contracts are scary and confusing. This article quickly explains the terminology within a service contract for designers, developers, marketers and other service based businesses.

Learn the terminology in a service contract.
service business contracts

Common Contracts for a Service Business

Written by on Oct 31

What contracts should you be using? Here are some legal contracts for graphic designers, web developers and photographers.

Contracts for Service Businesses...
Sales Action Plan

Our Sales Action Plan Creates More Paying Clients

Written by on Oct 28

Our sales action plan will help you land more paying clients by following these simple steps. It's easier than you think to create more sales for your business.

Learn our sales secrets.
what is a statement of work

What is a "Statement of Work"?

Written by on Sep 17

This short article breaks down the contents of a proper "statement of work" for a web design or web development company.

Learn to write a proper statement of work.
graphic design contracts

Graphic Design Contracts Explained

Written by on Sep 16

Contracts should never be scary, they're necessary in creative business. For a graphic designer, a contract will help you outline your upcoming relationship with your client.

Read this article to understand contracts.
qualifying potential clients

Qualifying Potential Clients to Save Time

Written by on Aug 27

If your consultancy or freelance business is growing then your inbox is filled with leads. Here's how to save yourself valuable time by qualifying leads.

Save time by qualifying client leads.
global team

Selling a Global Team to Clients

Written by on Aug 6

Client leads often perceive companies with offices to be more stable than global teams. It's your job to showcase the benefits to them of a remote/global team.

How to sell a client on your global team.
project proposals write

How to Write a Better Project Proposal

Written by on Jul 29

Learning how to write a project proposal takes years of mistakes. Learn from these industry experts and avoid confusing project proposals. Jump start your knowledge on how to write project proposals correctly the first time.

Learn how to write project proposals.
examples of business proposals

Examples of Business Proposals Mistakes

Written by on Jul 26

Here are examples of business proposals mistakes. Stop yourself from making these common mistakes that create confusion & hurt your business proposal acceptance rate.

Avoid these common mistakes.
outstanding invoice

How to Keep Outstanding Invoices from Killing Your Business

Written by on Jul 22

As a business owner, you must avoid having a backlog of outstanding invoices. Clients who are properly managed will pay sooner and with less reminders. Here's some tips on handling outstanding invoices.

Outstanding Invoices Can Be Avoided, Here's How.
front-end design conference

Price Increases - How to Raise Your Rates to Clients

Written by on Jul 1

With a price increase you could be making more money or the same amount of $$$ with less time working. If you ever felt like you could be making more money, read this article.

Raising your rates is easy, use these tips.
free invoice makers

Free Invoice Makers, If You Like Working Hard

Written by on Jun 20

Free Invoice makers allow you, the freelancer to quickly make invoices. There are pros and cons to each free invoice maker online, so read our reviews.

See the best Free Invoice Makers.
unpaid invoice

Collecting Unpaid Invoices the Easy Way

Written by on Jun 13

Unpaid invoice collection is a difficult situation that requires much tact to keep your relationship with your client in good standing. It's your money, go get it, here's how.

Learn how to collect unpaid invoices.
Business Proposals Template

Business Proposals Templates Help Close Deals

Written by on May 15

A clearly communicated business proposal is hard to write, and there are many pitfalls. Our template will help you write more effective proposals, and increase sales and revenue.

Our template will help you understand proposals.