You may have to face the following problems while creating or opening the company data files:

  • The QuickBooks software could not connect to the system that shows the location of QuickBooks company file
  • Error message -6176 is unable to receive network identification of server.

Important Note: Basic design of the QuickBooks software is not suitable to practice its functions with the Virtual servers or Novell Netware. If you access or store company files using the Virtual or Novel server, you will have to navigate those company files to the Windows computer and fix the error.

How to resolve the problem?

There are many useful solutions to fix the error suggested by Intuit. You may fix the problem with the solution 1 but it may need to practice all available solutions to be fully satisfied. You must perform each solution exactly in the same order as described here below.

Solution 1: Diagnose the System Errors

There might be close connection between the windows problems and computer virus. Intuit recommends running full scan after updating the definition of antivirus software.

  • Instantly scan your system to identify and fix bugs:
    • Update antivirus program.
    • Activate antivirus software and run full scan.
  • Important Note: If you cannot run or update antivirus software, there is possibility of having virus. You should get technical support from an IT professional to fix this problem.
  • If antivirus software identifies no virus. Simply copy the company file to the other system and open it.
  • If the QuickBooks company file successfully opens on another computer system, you should repair Windows installation on the computer that does not open file. You can get full support from the Windows technician or an IT person.
  • If the QuickBooks company file remains closed on the other computer system or the same error appears along with a single company file, you company file is damaged. You can perform the solution 2.

Solution 2: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor, install it and then run this application.
  • If there is No problem diagnosed in your Company File, but the problem remains the same, you should practice the Solution 3.

Solution 3: Repair QuickBooks Software Installation

  • Close QuickBooks software.
  • Repair QuickBooks software installation.
  • If the error -6176,0 remains the same even after repairing the QuickBooks software installation, reinstall QuickBooks.
  • If these solutions do not bring excellent results and issue persists, you have another option of visiting Intuit QuickBooks Community website to read discussions, ask questions or post messages related to your problem. For additional support, you can also contact professional IT person but it may apply charges.

If this recommended solution does not fix the problem, please visit Intuit QuickBooks Community website where you can post messages, read the discussions and put your questions related to the error you have been experiencing. If you want to get technical support, you can contact Professional IT person but it may apply charges.

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